8 Important Things You Should Know About Living Christmas Trees


It’s almost that time of year when families have to make a tough decision… are you going with a live or fake Christmas tree this year?

For years, my family chose a living Christmas tree every year, and it was difficult for me to let go of that tradition when we finally made the decision to go artificial. Nothing beats the smell and look of a freshly cut Christmas tree, but in the end the sap and drooping needles resulting from my kids and pets constantly knocking on the tree got the better of it. me.

What you should know before buying a living Christmas tree

In all my years of buying live Christmas trees, I have learned a few tips that will extend the beauty of your tree. Let’s start with the three things that seem most important to me:

Be sure to check the water level EVERY DAY. It might sound like common sense, but it’s amazing how many times you forget to check your tree’s water level … just don’t do that.

Always make a second cut on your tree trunk. This is especially important if you are purchasing your tree from a batch or selection of pre-cut trees from a forest farm. A freshly cut trunk will always absorb more water.

Trees with shorter needles generally last longer and do less damage. I am a big fan of a Frasier tree. They may cost more, but in my experience they drop a lot fewer needles.

Now let’s move on to some Christmas tree buying tips from bestlifeonline.com;

Save money by waiting until mid-December to buy your tree. I’d never be able to wait that long to set up my tree, but if you’re not as obsessed with Christmas as I am, this could be a smart way to save money.

Win a big deal by buying a tree with a broken crown. A beautiful spinning top is the perfect place for a Christmas tree, but if you still have a big star or topper to put on it, a less than perfect tree may be what you need … and your wallet.

Unsplash, Marie Despeyroux

Bigger isn’t always better. Large trees take up a lot of space, especially when you factor in the space for the tree stand and topper, and it sucks when you have to do a bunch of pruning to fit your home. In addition, large trees generally dry out more quickly.

Your tree doesn’t need all of those fancy hydration products. If someone is trying to convince you to buy some gels, powders, or moisturizing solutions that will “extend” the life of your tree, make no mistake about it. These products actually contain additives that are bad for your tree according to the National Christmas Tree Association. Just use plain water.

You can buy live Christmas trees online. If you don’t like physically picking out the perfect tree, or just don’t want to face the crowds on forest farms and grounds, buy a live tree online. Amazon is just one of the retailers selling live trees online and there is always the option of buying online, in-store pickup at places like Menards, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

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