ATCT launches Eazi Travel, OTA for a dynamic travel market – New Telegraph

Everyone loves to travel. Nowadays, the number of travelers has increased considerably. As the initial thought of travel popped into the mind, African Tourism Corporate Travel (ATCT) launched Eazi Travel, an Online Travel Agency (OTA), an online marketplace that would reach more travelers globally.

ATCT ensures that the traditional model of a personal visit to one of the travel and booking agencies has totally changed. All bookings are made online at Eazi Travel as the company’s travel portal is technologically advanced to meet customer needs and preferences.

Director of Eazi Travel Nigeria, Mr. Claud Batohi at the venue of Eazi Travels launch at Lagos Continental Hotel, said ATCT was delighted to launch this one-of-a-kind OTA designed for the dynamic travel market .

“With most OTAs focusing on traditional travel services, Eazi travel has gone beyond that. While you can still book, pay and compare airline, hotel and ground transfer content, we have also found a way to bring offline travel products online to ensure Eazi Travel is able to meet for all travel needs.

Looking for help with your medical journey… Eazi Care has you covered; looking for cargo carrier this is Eazi with Eazi cargo, need payment. Eazi Pay also has a plan for that, visa and travel information… Eazi has you covered in one place, making it Eazi for you.”

ATCT Group Chairman, Chef John Adebanjo, said with Eazi Travels that a bunch of hotels are also being added to this and other packages.

“We are partnering with the global brand Golden Treasure. We also partner with Tourvest. They have a massive inventory. In addition, Expedia knocked on our door, knowing full well who we are and what we are capable of achieving. This is why we are well positioned. We started early, we are just starting to wrap up.

“The Destination is still far away. We haven’t been there yet. It’s how you love what you do and whether your goal is to provide solutions. We sit. We’re reshaping the travel industry, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re doing something that’s been set up but in a better format, which is why we’re here. It’s not just for us to benefit, it’s the travelers who will surely benefit,” he said.


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