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There’s no reason to be sad that summer is drawing to a close: St. Louis Union Station is gearing up for its funniest and most festive months of the year.

The interactive aquarium is full of wonder, excitement and lots of interactive activities.

Photo provided by St. Louis Union Station

Even when the outside temperatures start to drop, the Saint-Louis Aquarium stays at 72 degrees. Tami Brown, the aquarium’s executive director, says different seasons bring different benefits. “Summer is really exciting because there are so many families and people coming from out of town – there is a lot of energy. In the fall, if you want to spend more time in the habitat or ask our team members questions, it’s a quieter time to visit. You can dig into anything that grabs your attention.

Brown says visitors are constantly amazed by the interactivity of the space. “We offer our guests the opportunity to help feed some animals, hear a presentation from one of our team members or ask a diver questions while they are swimming with the sharks,” he says. she. While children have an innate curiosity and tend to dive with both hands, adults can be a bit more timid. “They follow in the children’s tracks or tap into their inner child after a minute and realize that they can also play and have an equally wonderful time,” says Brown. Adults should keep an eye out for the upcoming Under the Deep Brew Sea series, where adults can enjoy the aquarium after hours with an AB glass in hand.

Holiday fun

The St. Louis Union Station Halloween experience begins once the schedule arrives in October. Dress up in your favorite costume and stroll through different Halloween paintings for this month-long family event. Kids can take a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and decorate it on the spot, then board a wagon with otherworldly passengers, such as mummies, witches, goblins, and ghosts.

Cameron Schoeffel, director of sales and entertainment for Union Station, said their team is already preparing for the holidays – especially the Polar Express Train Ride, with moving trains and overnight trips to the North Pole to pick up Santa Claus . “The Polar Express is such a wonderful story, and the kids really hang on to it,” says Schoeffel. “They’re wearing their pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, eating cookies, chatting with the conductors and conductors and all the fun characters on the Polar Express. Being able to bring this back again is very exciting for us, ”he says.

polar express photo.jpg

Take a trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express train.

Photo provided by St. Louis Union Station

Build a weekend around Polar Express train rides or pancakes with Santa by booking a room. “We will be offering wonderful packages at Union Station Hotel, which range from a standard room with four tickets for the Polar Express ride to a decorated suite that includes all the fun events and activities that take place around Union Station,” Schoeffel said. The whole property will be decked out to its best for the holidays, with an impressive 40 foot tree in the Great Hall. The Great Hall light shows even get into a good mood with a Polar Express themed display.

“We encourage people to come down and eat and drink. It’s also great for romantic dates and family evenings, ”says Schoeffel. “It really is a magical place during the holidays.

Santa Claus photo.jpg

Union Station has so much to offer. It is a tour full of good times, laughter and memories that should not be missed.

Photo provided by Melody Favazza

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