Humorous, poignant and heroic travel insurance claims from 2020


Snakes in a villa

A faulty electrical circuit breaker in your Indonesian vacation villa is bad enough, but stumbling upon a poisonous cobra on your way out of the darkened dwelling turns the situation into a nightmare. The snake was eventually caught, but power could not be properly restored.
Fairly anxious travelers, and rightly so, decided to stay in a villa with no electricity, and the possibility of other snakes popping up was a no-go. They found accommodation elsewhere and changed flights.

(Credit: Libor Sojka)

A kitesurfer lands in the roar of a wild dog on the beach

While admiring the majestic beauty of Thailand’s coastline on a kiteboard, a traveler climbed out of the water to use the restroom only to find themselves in the middle of a stray dog ​​fight on the beach. In the ensuing melee, the kite was completely torn apart resulting in a claim payment of $ 650.

(Credit: MakanaCreative)

Canceled due to a bushfire

A bushfire emergency resulted in a flight being canceled as the traveler – a member of the Australian Navy – was called in to fight the blaze.

(Credit: Petar B photography /

A flood claim results in a travel claim

While on vacation, a couple learned that a water pipe had burst in their home and caused flooding. Needing to rush home to call their home insurance agent, the couples canceled the rest of their trip, including accommodation. The travel insurance claim paid $ 1,337.
No news has been reported regarding the home insurance claim.

(Credit: Robert Kneschke /

Gran ‘bite-and-run’, doggie-friendly strike traveler

For many, a European vacation is a dream vacation. The lights of Paris. The Ruins of Rome. Vicious dogs and their elderly owners in other exotic places. The latter may not be listed in any edition of Frommer’s, but for an unlucky traveler, this is how their trip to Europe turned out.
During a morning run, the traveler was attacked by a dog and bitten. The dog was being walked on a leash by an elderly woman, who immediately fled. The traveler went to the hospital for treatment for the bite, which led to several follow-up treatments in Europe and in the person’s country of origin.

(Credit: Nigmatulina Aleksandra /

Indonesian monkey gangs target tourists

Indonesian tourists have unsavory encounters with local primates. In one incident, a nature hiker was rushed by a monkey, who took the person’s sunglasses and threw them off a nearby cliff.
In an unrelated incident, a group of travelers were repeatedly attacked by a herd of wild monkeys in an Indonesian forest. The primates assaulted tourists and stole personal items from their bags on several occasions. The claim paid $ 890.

(Credit: LindaPhotography /

Safe to say, not many people had a “normal” travel experience in 2020. For some travelers, however, pandemic protocols were just the beginning of the unusual as they battled snakes, monkeys and wild animals. wild dogs for a bit of R&R.

With the pandemic approaching the periphery, consumers are showing their eagerness to resume their travels. As travel returns, so do hotel and airline cancellation and change fees, making travel insurance more crucial, according to Sasha Gainullin, CEO of battleface, Inc.

On top of that, nearly half of Americans paid fees or other costs associated with a trip that would have been covered by insurance, according to a survey by the travel insurance provider.

“We are convinced that COVID-19 has changed the way Americans view travel insurance and that purchasing insurance for any type of trip will soon be as normal and ingrained in the mind of the traveler as selecting a seat for a theft, “Gainullin said in a statement.

The above slideshow highlights the strangest travel claims Cover-Plus received in 2020.


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