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Guess it’s that time of year to make sure everyone is ready for the looming snow season. This is primarily a checklist to make sure you haven’t taken anything out of your vehicles that you might need while traveling this winter.

Let’s go over the basics: Are your tires in good condition and do they have at least 3 / 16th of an inch of tread as required? I know you don’t take them out of your vehicle, but do you typically use snow tires during the winter? Now is a good time to prepare and make sure the tires are in good condition, and that they are free from cracks and rubber.

Now make sure that if we unfortunately get stuck, do we have what it takes so that we don’t have really dangerous issues. If you’ve read my articles before you know I’m a fan of your trusty shovel. I got out of a lot of tough situations using mine.

If you must use the shovel then you will need water after shoveling the heavy snow. Carry some with you with snacks. You have to keep that strength.

If it looks like a shovel isn’t the answer this time around, prepare to stay overnight. Blankets and a flashlight will keep you company all night long. If you plan to use the vehicle’s heater, make sure the exhaust pipe is clear and the window is cracked to allow air circulation in the vehicle.

Try to stay with your vehicle. This is the safest place as lifeguards will look for it because you have been thinking ahead and have told someone about your travel plans and route in case something like this happens.

Some other items that should be staples in your vehicle are matches, toilet paper, a coat warm enough for a stay in the mountains, and a change of clothes in case you get wet.

And finally, sometimes it’s safer to stay home if it looks like there might be bad weather in the forecast. The ride could be safer next week.

As always, have a good trip!

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