Manifest Travel Club launches three new chapters in Santa Barbara, San Diego and Phoenix

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–manifesto, the exclusive chapter-based travel and lifestyle club that offers tailored getaways to unique destinations across the United States combined with private jet service, today announced the launch of three new chapters in St. Barbara and San Diego, California; as good as Phoenix, Arizona. Founded by Jeff Potter, former CEO of Frontier Airlines and Exclusive Resorts as well as Los Angeles-based Surf Air, Manifest launched in August with initial chapters in Denver, Colorado, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles Basin, and plans to eventually have a presence in 50 to 60 markets across the United States.

“We didn’t plan to open Santa Barbara, San Diego and Phoenix until January, but demand in our initial markets has exceeded expectations,” said Jeff Potter, founder and CEO of Manifest. “Even in the midst of COVID-19, many of us are still looking for moments of excitement and discovery, but in destinations much closer to home. What we offer – small group trips, destinations American, private jet travel – really resonates with what travelers want right now.

Recent data supports demand for travel clubs and experiences like Manifest. Experiential travel was widely recognized as the fastest growing sector in the leisure travel space before COVID-19, with Skift Research’s US Affluent Travelers Survey revealing that 67% of affluent travelers would rather spend their money in activities rather than in a nicer hotel. More recently, a survey of 14,000 travelers by industry leaders indicates that new travel trends are leaning heavily towards domestic travel as travel begins to recover from the pandemic. The Adventure Travel Trade Association recently released research indicating that the experiential travel market is expected to rebound faster than the overall US travel market in 2021. Additionally, travel consumers are increasingly showing a desire for personalization and curation with luxury travel magazine naming personalization as one of its luxury travel trends for 2020.

Finally, luxury consumers yearn to avoid the experience of commercial airline travel – both on the ground and in the air – combined with an underutilized private jet industry. This confluence allows Manifest to offer private flights within a two-hour radius of the point of origin for the same cost as business or first class fares thanks to the concept of “shared economy”, while guaranteeing a level of health and superior security compared to commercial travel. .

Manifest has “chapters” of clubs that are geolocated in the top 50-60 US markets based on household income selection criteria and filtered against data that shows each market’s propensity to buy business and premium rates class. Each chapter will begin with limited memberships of only 175 members. Members pay an annual fee of $2,500, which grants access to exclusive Manifest member-only experiences. Interested persons can join a waiting list in each of the future chapters for a fee of $500.

Manifest designs, organizes and manages all logistical components of each experience including adventure, wine/culinary, golf, cultural and romantic destinations such as Santa Fe, New Mexico; Sedona, Ariz.; Telluride, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Bandon Dunes, Oregon; as well as major events. A full list of experiences is available here.

In the first year, Manifest will offer members one experience per week in a combination of three-, four-, six- and seven-day trips. Members can invite up to three guests per trip and most trips will have between four and eight people. The price of experiences will vary depending on the activity, location and length of stay.

Given the current environment of uncertainty, Manifest has taken steps to ensure members have full confidence and flexibility when joining the club. For those who join before October 31st, the first year’s dues ($2,500) can be applied to the first experience. Additionally, annual dues are fully refundable if the member does not book a travel experience within six months and any waitlist deposits for future chapter memberships are fully refundable if Manifest does not begin service within a period of one year. Finally, Manifest only works with partners who meet or exceed CDC recommendations for safe travel measures.

“While we know there is pent-up demand for travel, we also appreciate the lingering sense of uncertainty,” Potter said. “We have taken additional steps – what we call the Manifest Promise – to ensure that our members can travel in a safe, reliable and considerate manner.”

About the manifesto

Based in Denver, Colorado, and founded by Jeff Potter, the former CEO of Frontier Airlines, Exclusive Resorts and Surf Air, manifesto is an exclusive, chapter-based travel and lifestyle club that offers tailored getaways to unique destinations across the United States, taking the hassle out of typical travel by providing private plane service. Currently, Manifest has chapters in Denver, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Basin, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Phoenix with additional chapters to follow. To date, the company has raised over $2 million and is currently filling its funding round. For more information, visit

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