Michael Snow’s “Conscious Philosophy” describes the spiritual evolution of humanity which generally goes unnoticed


Michael J Snow has spent over 30 years studying and practicing the philosophy of mindfulness, also known as non-dual philosophy, as well as 20 years of tutoring. “Mindful Philosophy” is a beautifully crafted explanation of his learnings and experiences.

UNITED STATES – Incredibly profound and very dedicated to his area of ​​interest, Michael J Snow engaged readers in his fully assert life book, Philosophy of Mindfulness. This positively encouraging spiritual article demonstrates how mindfulness, as it is now called, is in fact part of our essential makeup. And how it can be of great value if it is seen as a path not only to therapeutic well-being but also to divine realization. It opens the heart to the sight within the soul and thus gains a glimpse of the ultimate truth.

Spirituality and mindfulness are not only elements of religion, but are the basis of human evolution. The Mindful Philosophy book emphasizes that these are not only essential subjects of study, but that they can be made real and accessible to anyone, if they are properly focused with complete enthusiasm and interest. It motivates readers to research the topic and offers various exercises and ideas to use in the process. It draws on non-dogmatic examples from around the world and across history of different beliefs and practices, cultural configurations and religious contexts. With mindfulness, we can realize the truth about who and what we are. This is the global perspective of this extraordinary work by Michael J Snow.

For over 30 years, Michael Snow has studied and practiced conscious and non-dual philosophy. He also taught them for 20 years. His interest in this subject evolved as a boy’s chorister in Ely Cathedral, which created a spiritual and aesthetic basis for the direction Michael took in his journey. He is particularly interested in spirituality. His research led him to understand that spirituality and mindfulness are independent of religion, caste and culture. Instead, they can be done by anyone in an unprofessional or secular manner. He studied different sounds, music, and the ways in which modern scientific knowledge and ancient mystical traditions seem to have a common platform. He finally realized that all religions are underpinned by a unitive or non-dual essence that unites them.

Michael speaks, debates, and writes for magazines and other publications on such topics. Since 1968 he has practiced meditation and considers it the key for those interested in non-dual or conscious philosophy. He is a student and tutor at the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, a global educational charity based in London.

Conscious philosophy leaves a feeling of oneness, inclusiveness and the factor of well-being. The achievement of non-dual teaching leaves a result that is happy and full of love and well-being. It articulates the spiritual realm of all creatures as one. It manifests that the idea that the spiritual evolution of human beings is common to all traditions, if understood in a dogmatic – free way. In addition, it highlights how the truth about who people are can be realized and describes the conditions for discovering real and lasting happiness. All of this is summed up in the spiritually enlightening and awakening words of Michael J Snow.

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