Mistake fare: An online travel agency in Argentina sold tickets to Europe and the United States for two cents

An error in the system of the online travel agency eDreams caused this morning that tickets for Europe, the United States and the Caribbean were sold in Argentina from 4.72 ARS, which represents approximately 0.02 USD taking into account the parallel quotation of the Argentine peso against the dollar.

Although this type of error in airlines or online travel agencies has been recurrent over the years, such a low value of two cents in dollars has very little precedent in the world.

C5N reporter Mauro Albornoz was the one who publicized this error, and a tide of people rushed to buy tickets.

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Some users replied that they purchased tickets and they were confirmed and issued without any inconvenience. This is the case of @marzubillaga9who said he was able to buy tickets to Barcelona for ARS 9 (0.04), while the user @ediminuttorouan bought two flights to Rome and Paris for ARS 3.40 (0.017).

Another user was willing to pay more and got tickets to Copenhagen for ARS 18 (USD 0.09). Another user said he quoted five tickets to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for ARS 80 ($0.40), but closed the page “because he didn’t understand why it was so cheap.”

On Monday afternoon, the eDreams site was inaccessible and later, when it was restored, tickets were available at normal prices (average $1,000).

Now those who were able to issue their transatlantic tickets at two cents on the dollar will have to cross their fingers that eDreams recognizes them or ends up claiming that the fares were obviously wrong and that there was bad faith on the part of those who benefited from it. There is a history of both cases.

Willie R. Golden