Rediker and Arthur separate from North Gym coaching duties


Bob Arthur returns to his role as gymnastics co-coach at Columbus North, and this time he will have a new coach by his side.

Kaitlyn (Barnes) Rediker, who spent the past year as an assistant coach, joins Arthur as the Bull Dogs’ co-head coaches. Arthur had co-coached with Sandy Freshour for most of North’s streak of 15 straight state finals appearances, which is the best in the state.

Last year Arthur and Freshour both held part-time assistant coaching positions, and Betsy Warble took over as head coach. Warble resigned after last season.

“I didn’t always know I wanted to coach. Sandy Freshour contacted me early last season and asked if I wanted to coach with Betsy Warble. I thought it would be fun, and at that point, I was taken on leave from my pre-K position. “

Rediker was a gymnast and pole vaulter in track and field for the Bull Dogs, graduating in 2015. She graduated from Ball State in December 2018 and accepted a position as a pre-kindergarten teacher at the Cummins Development Center.

“I had been thinking about (training) some, but I was not sure if it would be possible with the positions I was in, because at that time I was not teaching in the school system,” said Rediker.

Rediker, who was a volunteer assistant coach at North in 2020, has just started as a third-grade teacher at CSA-Fodrea Elementary School.

The Bull Dogs finished sixth overall last season after placing in the top five in each of the previous eight years.

“I hope the program continues well and that I have fun in this new role and this new opportunity,” said Rediker. “I hope to stay there long enough to be able to continue and help Bob and Sandy meet the expectations of this program.”

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