ShareTrip Makes Digital Travel Services For Bangladesh Market

ShareTrip co-founder Sadia Haque says company is pushing the country’s travel industry to greater heights

ShareTrip is the largest online travel agency and operates the country’s most popular travel mobile app, which offers flights, hotels, visas and vacation packages worldwide to its customers. Company co-founder Sadia Haque said the success was not only due to technical sophistication, but also to her willingness to act on the needs and demands of her customers.

Haque is also CCO at DataBird, the group that invests in Internet companies in Bangladesh, notably in ShareTrip.

Even though its official entry is now, DataBird has been working in the Bangladesh market since 2018, with ShareTrip being one of its first investments in the country. In two years, ShareTrip has managed to rise to the top of the travel industry in Bangladesh.

Part of ShareTrip’s success is due to its holistic approach to travel. Choosing to provide a complete solution to travelers means they can ensure a consistent experience. Before DataBird’s investment, ShareTrip operated under the name Travel Booking BD.

The rebranding was overseen by Haque, who is a communications specialist with years of experience at large companies such as Grameenphone, BBC World Service Trust, Nokia and Banglalink. She made sure that the transition did not lead to a reduction in the customer base acquired previously.

ShareTrip operates in a market that was once completely offline. Most people have obtained their tickets, hotels and vacation packages from offline travel agents. ShareTrip augments this section by giving people the ability to choose from a large inventory of travel solutions directly from its website and mobile app. People are free to customize according to their needs as there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to travel.

ShareTrip excels at understanding these customizations to guess the nature of the industry and act on it to drive change and push the industry to greater heights. ShareTrip does this while balancing offline and online modes of communication with its customers. The disparities between these two groups are often so incredibly vast that one can hardly believe that the two reside in the same country. The knowledge gained from working with these two groups helps ShareTrip deliver meaningful services that would bring more people online and, in turn, close the gap that remains between offline and online users.

Businesses need to invest in building relationships with consumers that are more than transactional. Industry veteran Sadia Haque is already very aware of these new standards, as seen in ShareTrip’s communication during the lockdown following the coronavirus pandemic.

Sadia Haque, co-founder of ShareTrip – Courtesy

ShareTrip has provided a regular release on its social media platforms updating its community on travel restrictions as they develop. “It has become more important than ever to communicate and educate the public on new travel paradigms that will ensure the safety of everyone involved,” said Sadia Haque of ShareTrip’s strategy for the future. ShareTrip was able to forge deeper bonds with their community even when everyone was forced to be physically away from each other.

Due diligence like this can also be expected from DataBird companies under the leadership of Sadia Haque. DataBird already employs over 160 people and is looking to hire more staff for dedicated teams tasked with building meaningful relationships with consumers.

Manage multiple consumer brands under DataBird from ShareTrip, Ridmik News, Keyboard, e-book reader and lifestyle apps with the same philosophy in terms of building organizational culture, understanding consumer characteristics for conversion of Offline transactional users to online platforms are the key metrics she and her team strive to achieve.

A key success factor for these brands is their resources. Haque says that everyone in the organization must have the same level of passion and vision if businesses are to be successful in the long term. The DataBird team is working to develop this army of resources that will propel the DataBird brands to greater scale and greater success.

As part of strengthening internal ambassadors, DataBird CCO is also working to build long-term relationships with end users of their various brands. “Many of us don’t realize that in order to retain customers, it is essential to act according to their needs and demands,” said Sadia Haque.

Thanks to the common ecosystem that was built under DataBird, they are able to bring personalized and personalized solutions to these consumer needs and the results are reflected in their high retention rates among their consolidated user base.

Enriching and improving life and the technological landscape in Bangladesh is DataBird’s modus operandi. This gargantuan task cannot be done alone and DataBird is already working in promising areas to pursue its vision for the future. A future of seamless and cohesive experience in the sprawling Internet ecosystem.

Willie R. Golden