Tata Steel Adventure Foundation successfully completes two expeditions to Leh


Jamshedpur, September 24: Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (FASD) with success completed two mountaineering and trekking expeditions for outdoor enthusiasts in Leh.

According to a press release, the aim of the expedition was to step out of the comfort zone, test the limits, collaborate, reach the difficult peaks and explore the pristine nature of the Leh region. The team faced bad weather, rope winds, high altitude challenges, snow conditions en route to the double peaks challenge.

Two expeditions were carried out: Twin Peak Challenge – two peaks of 6000 meters in one expedition.

Sham Valley Trek – Led by Bachendri Pal. TSAF had kept limited windows and a small lot size to ensure all safety protocols are followed and minimize the risk of Covid.

The objective of the Twin Peak Challenge expedition was to climb two 6000m peaks, Kang Yatze II (6270m) and Dzo Jongo (6240m) in the Leh region, he said.

He added that this expedition was open to everyone and was made up of Tata Steel employees and people from the community. The team went to Leh then continued by road to Chilling which was the starting point of the trek. The team was led by experienced and certified TSAF instructors Asmita Dorjee, Dharmendra Singh, Rathu Mahato and Sushanto Mahato.

The expedition lasted 15 days, a total of 8 participants as well as 4 TSAF instructors made a team of 12 of which 7 participants were able to climb the first summit (Kang Yatze II) and 10 of them were able to climb the second. . pic (Dzo Jongo).

Arun Pratap Singh, Anurag Maloo, Vishal Kullu, Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Rahul Raj Singh climbed the Kang Yatze II summit. Arun Pratap Singh, Anurag Maloo, Vishal Kullu, Alok Kumar, Niti Gupta, Pallavi Mariyam climbed the Dzo Jongo. All TSAF instructors and 3 members climbed the summit on a two peak expedition. This was the first such expedition organized by TSAF.

The Sham Valley trek was organized for beginners. The 13-member team was led by Bachendri Pal with instructors TSAF NS Panwar, Mohan Rawat, Poonam Rana (Everester) and Randeb. The maximum altitude reached during the trek was 12,850 feet. The team had great experiences, especially the inspiring stories of Bachendri Pal and other members of the TSAF team.

TSAF said it will continue to organize similar mountaineering expeditions for the beginner, intermediate and advanced categories.

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