The 2021 holiday travel season promises to be bright and happy


ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — PWC survey shows significant numbers of people will be traveling on vacation this year, reports Axes.

Typically, around a third of people travel during this time, but the survey shows that more than half (52%) plan to travel. Most people will travel by car (72%) and 57% of households with incomes over $ 150,000 will fly.

While many airlines are adding flights to popular destinations in anticipation of the holidays, there will most likely be higher prices and limited availability as demand exceeds availability. Rental cars will also be a flagship product.

United is increasing its flights and will be on its busiest vacation schedule since the pandemic, but at 3,500 daily flights in December, it is still at 91% of capacity.

“We’re seeing strong pent-up demand in our data and come up with a December program that focuses on the two things people want most for the holidays: hot sun and fresh snow,” Ankit Gupta, vice president of network planning and planning at United, said Axios.

Additionally, consumers plan to spend more on travel, with vacation travel spending expected to increase 69% in 2021 compared to 2020. Travel is even expected to be higher this year than in 2019, with average related spending ahead. increase 24% to $ 461 from $ 372. .

Retail sales this holiday season are expected to grow between 7% and 9%, while e-commerce sales are expected to increase 11-15% year over year. Holiday retail sales are expected to reach $ 1.28 trillion to $ 1.3 trillion from November to January, and holiday e-commerce is expected to reach $ 210 billion to $ 218 billion this season.

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