The first day of autumn; vote for your favorite season


SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – The first day of fall is watched with delight and dread in central New York City.

Revel in all the great fall traditions we love like apple picking, pumpkin picking. etc.

Fear for the continued walking we endure in the dark and cold of winter.

I love the first day of fall not only for fall traditions (admit fall is my favorite season), but as a scientist at heart, now is the time to think about things bigger than any of us that keep happening.

Yes, the equinox is equal day and night on earth.

We will be heading into winter. And just like clockwork, the daylight is starting to increase and before we know it it will be summer again.

As we head into winter in central New York City. Imagine living where people see the sun for the first time in months !! – The South Pole.

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