The Scandinavian travel market discovers Eastern Halkidiki

In February, the Municipality of Aristotle, in eastern Chalkidiki, organized several meetings in Copenhagen and Herning in Denmark and MalmoSweden, to promote the region’s tourist offer to Scandinavian tourism professionals.

The objective of the municipality was to make discover the offer of luxury wine tourism, culture and wine tourism of the destination.

In an announcement, the municipality said Danish tourism professionals have expressed strong interest in Eastern Halkidiki. diving spots in Ouranoupolis and Ammouliani As good as inside Stratoni, an area that is home to one of the largest seahorse (seahorse) in the Mediterranean basin.

The Municipality of Aristotle also presented its luxury tourism options that combine summer travel activities such as sailing, gastronomy, wine events and culture.

In Malmö, Sweden, the municipality offered holiday packages suitable for networks or wealthy cities mineral heritage whose members include high-income Swedish travellers.

While in Henring, representatives of the Aristotle Municipality also visited the Holiday for all tourist exhibition and presented the territory’s “cultural summer” program to more than 10 product and sales managers.

In addition, they held private meetings with executives of the Danish tour operator Primo Tours.

“Scandinavians are looking for alternative holidays fully adapted to the “sun – sea” model. This defines the post-Covid activity of Danish travel tourism agents, who develop new techniques and include in their programs alternative tourism models in new travel destinations,” the municipality said.

Photo source: Municipality of Aristotle

Following its meetings in Denmark and Sweden, the Municipality of Aristotle plans to organize a trip to Eastern Halkidiki for Danish and Swedish media representatives and tourism professionals.

In addition, the municipality attaches great importance to the upcoming inspection trips of Danish product managers who have already signed contracts with hotels in the Eastern Halkidiki region.

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Willie R. Golden