This driving light show in IL is a must-see this Christmas


When it comes to the best things in life, here are my top three:

  1. Hear my children laugh
  2. Puppy blows / snuggles
  3. christmas lights

The joy I get from these three things, especially looking at the Christmas lights, can be a bit extreme, but I don’t care, that’s what makes me happiest.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to load my family into our van and drive while looking at the Christmas lights, and we do that several times a year. Since we recently moved, I’m even more excited about this tradition as we’ll have a whole bunch of new displays to check out.

The Christmas Lights Display Your Family Must See This Holiday Season

Knowing my obsession with Christmas lights, a friend of mine who lives near Schaumburg, Ill. Recently told me that I HAD to check the Let it shine This year. All it took was a glance at their Facebook to get me completely hooked.

Over a million Christmas lights synced to music? Yes please!

After doing more research I learned that Schaumburg isn’t the only place you can see The Let It Shine Lightshow in Illinois, they’ve also put on shows in Northbrook and Aurora, Illinois. Now let’s focus on the specifics of the Schaumburg location.

Everything you need to know about the Let It Shine light show

Let It Shine will open for your viewing pleasure this Friday, November 12, 2021 and will take place nightly from 4:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. until January 9, 2022, at Wintrust Field in Schaumburg, Illinois. Only one entry ticket is required per vehicle, but you MUST buy them online in advance. Admission is $ 29.99 per vehicle on weekday evenings and $ 39.99 on weekends and holidays, and I’m willing to bet these tickets sell out FAST, so you better buy them now while you still can!

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