TravelPulse in Las Vegas: What We Learned from TRAVELSAVERS Travel Market 2022

The three days of the 2022 Travel Market in Las Vegas were held under the sign of optimism. TravelPulse attended the many conferences and discussion panels, and expressed what emerges from this great gathering TRAVELSAVERS.

1 – Forget past trends: we must stop looking at what was “before” and now look to the future. Trends are no longer the same, travelers have changed. “We have to do things differently right now,” said Dondra Ritzenthaler, Senior Vice President, Sales, Celebrity Cruises, which now offers “all-inclusive” formulas (tips, drinks and wi-fi) on board cruises. For Frank Demarinis, President, Travel Brands“we need to monitor trends weekly, not just once a month or quarterly. The booking window is no longer the same whether it is for flights, cruises or FITs.”


Elizabeth Grundon of TRAVELSAVERS, Frank Demarinis of TravelBrands and Rob Iafrate and Dan Martell of Manulife.

2 – A new market: extended family travel: after a few years without seeing each other, without being able to find each other, we see that more and more extended families are booking group holidays. “Grandparents want to travel with their children and grandchildren and make up for lost time. People have a lot more money in their bank accounts today than they did in 2019. This is a market to consider for the next few years,” says Gary Murphy, co-founder, AMA Waterways.

3 – The golden age of travel has arrived: We have just entered the golden age of travel in that, now more than ever, the services of a travel agent are required. There are still a lot of uncertainties, travel is always complicated and the agents are there to support holidaymakers and reassure them. “Their work has never been more important,” said Ray Snitsky, Group President, Apple Leisure Group. For Scott Nisbet, president of the Globus family of brands, “Baby boomers, who make up half of the population’s wealth, really want to travel. Some have waited more than 2 years for the great trip of their lives. We are now seeing more travel at any time of the year. »

4- Online presence is mandatory: Although it’s one more task on today’s list, having a good online presence is more important than ever, if not mandatory. Facebook, Instagram, having a blog on your website to talk about destinations, share travel tips, etc. helps you stand out from your competitors. “It’s quite a task and getting started on social networks is difficult, then you have to publish, but quickly you see a difference. It’s good to rely on word of mouth, but it’s even better to have a referral to send to your potential clients to see what you do best,” says Abigail Schimke of Grande Traverse Travel. For Ray Snitsky, it is important to “talk to people in a more relevant way, to speak the same language. We can no longer have a “one size fits all” service.

Travel market 2022
Travel market 2022

5 – Hot destinations: Local trips always seem to be popular for now, but according to Gary Murphy, “Europe should be on everyone’s list, especially with the current exchange rate. I think it will be a very popular destination again. Social media also plays an important role in attracting certain destinations. You never know what will be the next success on TikTok or Instagram! »

6 – Lack of manpower: the topic of the hour, the lack of manpower is what everyone is talking about. The end of the pandemic, however, heralds a positive return for travel, the attraction of exotic destinations and for the travel agent profession. “We need to invest in technologies that allow us to be more efficient in our work,” said Frank Demarinis, President, Travel Brands. For Scott Nisbet, “you have to hire people who don’t have experience in the field and build a future with them. It’s once again ‘cool’ work and an exciting industry.”

TRAVELSAVERS’ Travel Market 2022 ended on October 30 in Las Vegas, celebrating the company’s 52nd anniversary at the same time. The next edition will take place in Marco Island in September 2024.


Willie R. Golden