Winter Weather Awareness Week: Driving in Snow and Ice

(WVNS) – Winter Weather Awareness Week 2021 is taking place November 15-19 in West Virginia, as stated by Governor Jim Justice. Throughout the week, your local StormTracker 12 team, alongside our partners in the National Weather Service and the West Virginia Emergency Management Division, will provide important information on how to prepare for winter and its impacts on l ‘State of the mountains.

Driving in snow and ice

Most West Virginia and Virginians have spent most of their lives driving in snow, ice, and everything in between year after year. A reminder of good practices never hurts after a long summer, and for some, it may also be their first winter in the mountains!

The first and most obvious tip for driving in snow and ice is: don’t do it. If you can avoid unnecessary travel when it’s snowing or freezing, why take the risk? Your life isn’t worth a slice of pizza or a big Tudor pie. Unfortunately, between work, school and real life, you can’t always avoid it. Here are some other quick tips to stay safe:

Along with making good decisions on the road, it’s also important to be prepared before you even leave your home. An emergency kit is crucial at any time of the year, but during the winter you want to make sure you have these items in your car at all times:

Image Credit: NOAA / NWS

Make sure to follow the latest StormTracker 12 team forecast at all times with the StormTracker 12 mobile app. It is available for free on the App Store and google play!

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